12 Websites and Courses to Help You Improve Your Developer Skills

  • Software developer continues to be one of the most in-demand jobs today.
  • Insider spoke to 10 developers about the websites and tools they’ve used to succeed in tech.
  • From courses to video games, these tools can help developers learn and hone their programming skills.

Marko Denic used to work in ‘crappy’ restaurants growing up in Serbia, until the birth of his daughter and he felt he had to quickly reassess his career to support his new family.

“Not making money was good when I was alone and hanging out with friends. But then I got married and had my first child and then I realized I was spending too much time doing nothing,” he told Insider.

After discovering the mobile programming language Swift, which is the basis of most iOS applications, Denic embarked on learning software development. Within three years, he landed a full-time job as a software engineer which he says now supports his new family. Although school helped, Denic said he was able to become a developer in large part because of the resources he found on the internet and, more importantly, the communities that gave him advice and feedback on his projects as he was starting out.

“The problem is when you’re doing this stuff on your own and you have no idea what you’re doing, the basic stuff is really hard, whether you’re in college or studying on your own,” said he declared.

But Denic’s story is not unique. Self-learning and online resources can help current and promising software developers practice coding, learn new skills, and even break into technology. To learn more about the best online resources, Insider spoke with 10 software developers who were able to become full-time developers largely through self-study.


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