5 tips to improve your marketing mix


It’s not just an element of marketing and is not the only one. For your business to be successful your company must have an offline and online presence. Print or digital advertising tools. Advertising and advertising. The marketing mix is the one which helps to spread and keep your company’s message to your targeted public.

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Here are five marketing mix ideas to take into consideration and put into practice:

1. Brochures and business cards and brochures

Marketing materials printed on paper aren’t out of fashion. Sometimes our technology fails to function in the way we expect and having a brochure or business card to backup can be the key to securing your marketing opportunities. Additionally, there are lots of people who require something in their possession to remind them of your name, so hand your business card to them. Create your card for business.

2. LinkedIn

Make use of this social network for your company to create a extended business card. When people see your name on the internet or at conferences it’s likely they’ll visit your profile on LinkedIn (it was me who did it). Fill out your profile and add it to your site.

3. Blog and Website

Your website is your online home, so you should make it stand out. Let people understand who you’re, the things you are doing, and how you can help them. You can then tackle any problem you have by responding to a question that will be of interest to your intended public. It is possible to turn the answer into a compact white paper or ebook for download, or even turn it into blog posts. Be sure to choose something that is beneficial in building relationships that’s important, and “fluff and snark” isn’t a good idea for business.

4. Press releases

Press releases are a great way to inform local media of your business’s activities and forthcoming campaigns. Your company is likely to put on amazing events, but nobody would care if they don’t have the chance to know.

5. Email

It’s all about relationships and email is among the most effective ways to strengthen the relationship, so make sure you ensure you are adding more email addresses to your email list. For those who are just beginning, the majority of the first work involves finding the code and putting it on your websites. However, the email provider you select should come with an instruction or “how-to” page to show you what you need to do. Once your subscription form for email is on your website and you’re ready to start thinking on the content you will send your subscribers every month or week. Keep in mind that it’s the continuous marketing that makes the difference.

Keep in mind that this is about constantity and the whole marketing strategy. It’s your responsibility to be confident in your company and to spread the word.


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