9 Best Websites for Cat Owners


I got my first cat – who I named Angel after the idol of buffy the vampire slayer and also a classmate I had a crush on – when I was seven. The internet, in those days, was a mess of dial-up lines and massive machines in the family computer room. But even the numbing beeps of a dial-up tone didn’t stop me from lying about my age and becoming a moderator for an online community of cat owners that I discovered while reading a pamphlet included in the kitty litter box. bought by my mother.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this specific message board, but there are much more reliable sites online for cat owners to learn about their pet’s health and happiness and to shop for stimulating toys and cute little Hats.


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These are all great resources for shopping and learning, but if you’re worried about your cat’s health, you should look beyond the reach of the internet. After all, your favorite blog might be run by a seven-year-old with too much free time. Call your veterinarian.

When my cat starts acting differently in one way or another, you can find me Googling the problem, followed by the term “Reddit”. As, “cat not covering poo reddit” (he doesn’t feel threatened as an alpha in my house) or “cat looks at me while i work and looks so crazy reddit(this is just an extension of his general attitude problem). There’s also some slightly more serious advice, like r/AskVetfor what to do after catching your cat eating something it shouldn’t, or snatching it from a stray cat.

Reddit is a wild place for pet owners.
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The ASPCA, a national animal welfare organization, has been around for more than a century, with the goal of preventing cruelty to animals. Hope your house cat doesn’t need rescuing, but in addition to helping animals in need and posting pets for adoption, the ASPCA site has lots of helpful tips and resources for pets. care and custody of your pets.

A cat sleeping on a laptop

The ASPCA has been providing guidance on companion animals for over a century.
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Managed by a advice from veterinarians, veterinary technicians, animal trainers and an editorial team to boot, Petkeen offers research and science-backed guidance for everything you need to know about your cat. They cover everything from DIY toys and beds to food reviews and safety tips for cats, dogs, horses, hamsters and more.

A cat using a laptop

We love Petkeen.
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Best Friends Animal Society has everything from videos of bottle fed kittens (cute!) to trips for traveling with pets (which can be an absolute nightmare, from experience). The organization is a non-profit organization that runs a huge sanctuary for homeless animals and helps provide adoption, spaying, and education programs for animals.

A cat sitting on a laptop

Best Friends Animal Society is a non-profit organization with tons of advice.
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I like Chewy specifically because I have a spending problem, and the site makes it very, very easy to spend. But beyond shopping for food, supplies, treats, toys and medicine, the site also recently launched a veterinary telemedicine service.

A cat using a laptop

Take my money!!
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PetMD is essentially the WebMD for animals. Written by veterinarians since 2008, it’s a great resource for pet health and care. But make sure you don’t fall in the classic WebMD hole: Constantly checking your pet’s symptoms could lead you to believe that they are constantly sick, when in reality they may just be having a day off. Call your veterinarian if you have specific concerns about your cat’s well-being.

A cat standing on a laptop keyboard

WebMD, but it’s for cats
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This site was created by holistic veterinarian Dr Jean Hofve and feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy from the TV series, My cat from hell. Little Big Cat is all about helping people take care of their cats so they don’t give them up for adoption or, worse, become strays. Here, you’ll find everything from health and nutrition advice to behavior advice.

A cat sleeping on a computer mouse

Little Big Cats wants to help you keep your cat happy and healthy inside the apartment.
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VCA Animal Hospitals has a strong network of reputable veterinary hospitals, which makes it a great site if you’re trying to locate one in your area. But the site also provides access to hundreds of pet health articles and advice on nutrition, therapies, behavior, breeding, and more.

A kitten looking at a laptop in the dark

VCA Animal Hospitals can help you find a reputable veterinary hospital in your area.
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It’s no surprise that Cat-World is a website all about cats. From the best products to buy when you introduce a new cat into your family, to what to expect when it comes to your feline’s behavior, this site has a ton of grooming topics. It also contains breed profiles, which is extremely helpful in understanding your cat, especially since many of us notoriously have no idea what kind of cat we have.

A man looks at a laptop with his cat lying behind it

Cat-World is designed by and for cat owners.
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