BTS ‘PTD on Stage: Live Viewing’: ARMYs crash movie websites in mad ticket hunt


BTS may be breaking international records, but their devoted ARMY fandom isn’t far behind. As BTS prepares to headline their comeback concert in March – “PTD on Stage – Seoul,” fans have struggled to book tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. BTS has announced that the upcoming concert will not only be streamed online, but one of the three-day concert will also be streamed for fans around the world in a theatrical release.

Global BTS fans will be able to visit their local theaters and catch live streams of the “Permission to Dance on Stage” concert taking place in Seoul on March 12. As fans rushed to book tickets for the event, ARMYs in the Philippines took to Twitter to express their horror at the crash of the SM Cinemas app, reportedly due to increased traffic.


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BTS fans crash a whole website

SM Cinemas is the largest cinema chain in the Philippines. BTS fans crashed the entire website as well as their app for hours as they rushed to book tickets for the upcoming concert. ARMYs have been known to sell out anything BTS approves in seconds, usually resulting in a mad rush for tickets and merchandise.

On February 26, just hours after tickets went on sale, SM Cinema’s official social media account announced that they had sold out tickets for all shows, at all over 300 theaters. Tickets were also sold out quickly in several other countries, proving the “fan power” of the boy band.

BTS’s “PTD on Stage -Seoul” concert will only be held on March 12, 2022, worldwide tickets will open on February 23 and 24 (BTS/

“Broke ARMYs in Trouble”

Fans began tweeting their angst as one said, “THIS IS SO…”. Another said: “The app crashed around 11:30 p.m. and lasted about 3 hours. A few people were able to get their tickets around 3am. At 3:50 we finally got ours. Another fan said, “The fucking page crashed so I don’t know if I have sm movie tickets. Someone tell me,” while one joked, ” Armies with vip tix are struggling to access the website against broke armies struggling to watch the concert at no cost.”

Many countries reported selling out entire movie chains, as one fan said, “The PTD ON STAGE Live Viewing event is on track to gross around 1.7 billion won (1.4 million dollars) at the South Korean box office. Tickets are currently sold at multiplex chains, Megabox and Lotte Cinemas, and most tickets were sold at CJ CGV.” Another wrote, “Kmedia reports that the top 3 mux companies (CGV, Lotte, Megabox) have reported that all 36,000 tickets for @BTS_twt’a PTD Live have sold out. CGV sold 25,000 tickets in 39 cinemas nationwide; Lotte Cinema sold 7,000 tickets in 32 cinemas; Megabox sold 4,000 tickets in 21 theaters.”

On the other hand, fans from countries that won’t have a live broadcast of the concert were furious. An Indian fan wrote, “I was waiting to book tickets and India has so many armies and why this happened please explain.” A Malaysian fan said, “Imagine the pain when all your neighboring countries have BTS PTD Live Viewing but not your country. It’s like they deliberately ignored Malaysia.”

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