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DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The report “Opportunities in the Ladders Market: Growth Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis” has been added to offer.

According to this market report, the future of the Ladders market looks bright with opportunities in the domestic, commercial and industrial end-use industries. The global market for ladders has shrunk in 2020 due to the global economic recession led by COVID-19. However, the market will experience a recovery in 2021, and it is expected to reach around $ 1.1 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 3.7% from 2021 to 2026. The main growth drivers of this market are the increased residential and commercial construction. activities in the Asia-Pacific and North America region.

The emerging trend, which has a direct impact on industry dynamics, includes platform ladders overtaking rung ladders on construction sites and the use of high visibility ribbons on industrial ladders.

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The study includes global ladders market trends and forecast by material, end-use industry, by product, and by region.

In this market, aluminum, fiberglass, steel and wood are the main materials used to make ladders. The analyst predicts that aluminum will remain the most important segment due to its low cost and high durability. Timber is expected to experience the highest growth during the forecast period.

In the global ladder market, the industry will remain the largest end-use industry during the forecast period due to the capacity and height of industrial ladders much better than ordinary ladders used for residential purposes. .

APAC is expected to remain the largest market in value and volume and is also expected to experience the highest growth during the forecast period owing to the tremendous economic growth of China and India, the growth of the construction sector, new worker safety regulations which will also stimulate demand for ladders.

Companies mentioned

  • Werner Cie.

  • Louisville Scale

  • Little Giant Ladder System (Wing Enterprises Inc.)

  • Lynn Ladder & Scaffolding Co., Inc.

  • TB Davies (Cardiff)

  • Sagar Asia Private Limited

  • Al Jarsh Metal Section Manufacturing Co. LLC

  • Alco Aluminum Ladders Private Limited

  • Tri-Arc

  • Bauer Company

Global scale characteristics

  • Market Size Estimates: Estimated Global Scales Market Size in terms of Shipping Value (M $) and Volume (M lbs)

  • Trend and forecast analysis: Global Scales market trends (2015-2020) and forecast (2021-2026) by various segments and regions.

  • Segmentation Analysis: Global Ladder Market size by various segments such as material, end-use industry, by product, and regions in terms of value and volume.

  • Regional Analysis: Global Ladders Market Split by North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World.

  • Growth opportunities: Analysis of growth opportunities across different materials, end-use industries, by product, and regions for the global Ladders market.

  • Strategic Analysis: This includes mergers and acquisitions, new product development, and the competitive landscape of the global ladders market.

  • Analysis of the competitive intensity of the industry based on Porter’s five forces model.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Market context and classifications

2.1: Introduction, context and classifications

2.2: Supply chain

2.3: Industry drivers and challenges

3. Market Trends and Forecast Analysis from 2015 to 2026

3.1: Macroeconomic trends and forecasts

3.1.1: Macroeconomic trends

3.1.2: Macroeconomic forecasts

3.2: Global Ladders Market Trends and Forecasts

3.3: Global Ladder Market by Material

3.3.1: Aluminum ladders

3.3.2: Fiberglass ladders

3.3.3: Steel ladders

3.3.4: Wooden ladders

3.3.5: Other scales

3.4: Global Ladders Market by End-Use Industry

3.4.1: Domestic (Residential)

3.4.2: Commercial

3.4.3: Industrial

3.4.4: Others

3.5: Global Ladders Market by Product Type

4. Market Trends and Forecasts Analysis by Region

5. Competitor analysis

5.1: Analysis of the product portfolio

5.2: Operational integration

5.3: Geographic scope

5.4: Porter’s five forces analysis

6. Growth opportunities and strategic analysis

6.1: Analysis of growth opportunities

6.1.1: Growth Opportunities for Global Ladders Market by Material

6.1.2: Growth Opportunities for Global Ladders Market by End Use Industry

6.1.3: Growth Opportunities for Global Ladders Market by Region

6.2: Emerging trends in the global ladders market

6.3: Strategic analysis

6.3.1: Development of new products

6.3.2: Expanding the capacity of the global ladders market

6.3.3: Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures in the Global Ladders Market

6.3.4: Certification and license

7. Company profiles of the main players

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