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In general, the Internet is not a well-appointed place. In fact, it is full of a wide array of foreign substances. From phishing and malware tricks to unambiguous adult content, there are times when you wish you couldn’t see things. This is where the propensity for safe reading arguably becomes the most important factor and gets you back on track. However, sometimes we find ourselves in a completely accidental place even though we try to keep clean.

Regarding this, the reliable method to avoid such content is to use a simple square. Preventing access to sites again ensures the most reliable technique for browsing them. In this article, therefore, we will take a detailed look at how you can do just that and keep your Chromebook always protected.

How to block a website on Chromebook?

If you’re a parent, you can block websites on your Chromebook to let your kids access websites they can’t. There are a lot of features on Chromebook, including blocking specific URLs. Do you want to know how to block a website on Chromebook? This guide will walk you through the steps.

Steps to Block a Website on Chromebook

  • Go to and sign in to your G Suite account.
  • Click on the Devices option.
  • Now click on the Settings option in the Chrome section.
  • Scroll down and click on Content, then click on the URL blocking option.
  • Next, click on the URL blacklist options and insert the following URLs into the text field:
  • chrome: // configuration
  • chrome: // extensions
  • Add other URLs that you want to block and do not allow any others to visit.

Using Family Link

A family bond is a good option for managing your child’s browsing activities. Here is how you can use this feature.

  • Open the Family Link app and select your child’s account from here.
  • Go to settings and click on the option to manage settings.
  • Then go to the Filters option in Google Chrome from the list.
  • Here you will see three options Allow all sites, Try to block adult sites, and allow only certain sites.
  • You can select it as you want.
  • If you want to manually allow or block web pages, click on the Manage sites option under the last two options.
  • From there, you can add any websites you want to allow or block. When you click on the Manage Sites option, you will see a pop-up window with two options.
  • To approve a web page click the Approved option and to block websites or URLs click the Block option.
  • After that add the URLs of the website you want to allow or block.

Final words: Guide: Block websites on a Chromebook

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