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Websites should inform you of the use of cookies on your first visit, since the entry into force of the Public Data Protection Rules. If this bothers you, you can easily turn off the cooking alerts.

Since the enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU Privacy Ordinance (EPR), Internet operators have had to restrict the activation of cookies and trackers for users in Europe.

This is usually done with a pop-up alert that appears when you first visit the website. There you can completely refuse to store cookies or set your preferences accordingly.

Confirmation is recommended if you trust the respective provider, as many website cookies do not work optimally. If you are one of the users who does not care about cookies, you can disable the warning message on the web and disable it specifically for the selected pages.

This way you set the use of cookies individually so that you only have to worry about whether it is too important for you.

This is made possible by the browser extension, which automatically recognizes and confirms cookie alert messages when you visit a website for the first time.

Before using this method, you must be clear about the effects and about yourself Correctly report GDPR.

The following steps will show you how to turn off cookie alerts on websites. The method we have shown with the extension “I don’t care about cookies“Works on Google Chrome, compatible web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Already created In addition, you can easily delete cookies in any web browser.. If you visit the affected website again, the cookie notification will reappear.

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