How I Met Your Mom’s Best Fake Websites, Ranked


How I Met Your Mother features several fake websites over its nine seasons, and some of the fake pages are better than the real sites.

how I Met Your Mother had a collection of recurring gags throughout its nine-season run. A recurring gag has extended from the show to the real world: fake websites. HIMYM built several fictional web pages to embellish a joke or set up a storyline over the years, and many of them could have passed for real websites.

Whether they were meant to trip up Ted’s teaching career or bolster Barney’s vague professional accomplishments, the fake websites were detailed, creative, and above all, hilarious. These seven HIMYM the fake websites are so good the show wouldn’t have been the same without them – and many of them are still live to this day for fans to continue enjoying.

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How I Met Your Mother Grade My Teacher website

In Season 5, Ted has become a professor of architecture at Columbia University after being offered the position by his ex-fiancée Stella’s husband, Tony. Hesitant at first, Ted took the job and fell in love with teaching – until he discovered Grade My Teacher and found a negative review. This exam caused him a lot of stress because he thought he was keeping his class interesting.

The website is still online today and is based on the popular, which follows a similar structure of student ratings and feedback on their teachers.

In season 4, Robin blurted out that she was once invited to a Canadian celebrity’s house to see her strange collection before being asked to do something inappropriate. This intrigued Marshall, Lily, and Barney, who spent the next three days trying to figure out the three elements: fame, collection, and act. The trio used to research the latter but couldn’t find the right answer. The combo was eventually revealed to be The Frozen Snowshoe (a fictional Canadian wrestler), Harvey’s trays (the odd collection), and Old King Clancy (the act).

How I Met Your Mother Slap Bet

After Robin was revealed to be a Canadian pop star in Season 2, Marshall was given five slaps to give Barney anytime. Marshall took full advantage of this power and really exploited the fear it caused Barney. In Season 3, Marshall decided to have fun with the situation and created a website that had a countdown until his next slap.

The website launched on the first Thanksgiving the gang had together, and the slap was initially canceled by slap betting commissioner Lily because she felt Marshall’s pettiness was ruining the holiday. She reinstated it with seconds to go, giving her husband the satisfaction he deserved.

How I Met Your Mother Playbook Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

Barney’s tips and tricks for picking up women got more complex in Season 5 with him using The Playbook, a collection he created and tested to make sure anyone using them would have luck. His most advanced and complicated piece was called the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. This storyline required the player to invent a fake persona of an incredibly wealthy socialite. The player would walk into the bar and pretend to be recognized by the “target”, who would search the fake name online and find articles and websites detailing the alter ego’s philanthropy.

The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn website links to a parody of Wikipedia which includes a summary of Lorenzo. There are also three other sites with fake articles about him: Balloon Explorers Club, Extremities Quarterly, and Big Business Journal.

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Neil Patrick Harris

For someone as excellent as Barney Stinson, a paper resume detailing his accomplishments was too boring. In Season 4, Barney created his video resume filled with enticing words and cool visuals, including an avalanche of the word “awesome,” which had gained popularity among GIF users.

Barney then used his skills to create a video CV for Robin which helped her get a job at Channel 12 when she was facing deportation to Canada. Barney’s video resume is still available for download on the website for any fans who want to use it as inspiration for their job search.

After failing to make friends in Season 5, Lily and Marshall decide to go on a double date with Barney and Robin. Barney and Robin came back annoyed and frustrated as they had learned exactly why Lily and Marshall had trouble making friends: they were bossy, from Lily’s need for everything to be perfect to Marshall shoving cheese boards in their faces. To top it all off, Marshall emailed Barney and Robin a musical slideshow of their date, including a catchy original song. The show’s producers created a website where fans could view the video.

HIMYM the public learned that Marshall does this frequently, as he previously emailed a video of himself ordering Chinese food and spilling it, saving the cat for Lily’s mother – and the cat funeral that took place. followed.

How I Met Your Mother Lily and Marshall website

In Season 3, Marshall and Lily discovered that the floor in their new apartment was leaning and they couldn’t afford to fix it. In order to earn extra money, Marshall created a website called so Lily could sell some of her designer clothes. An angry Lily suggested they start a website called Guy Force His Wife to Dress in a Garbage Bag For the Next Three Years, which led to photos of a woman carrying a garbage bag standing with her husband. Eventually Lily found a way to pay for the repairs without selling her clothes – she sold several paintings to a veterinary clinic.

Although it was meant as a joke, the Lily And Marshall Sell Their Stuff website was actually selling items when the episode aired. A bumper at the end of the episode had Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel (who played Lily and Marshall) reveal that the website was real and fans could buy some of Lily’s wardrobe, with proceeds going to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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