How Manufacturers Can Maintain Healthy Website Traffic After Google’s New Algorithm Changes


Recently, Google updated the factors it examines to determine which websites appear first when shoppers search the web for the products or services they want. This means that manufacturers, like all other companies, could see their rankings evolve relative to that of their competitors. It’s especially critical that marketers address these changes now, as a recent HubSpot report shows that traffic in the manufacturing space recently fell 7.2% in part due to greater market influence.

To help you understand and manage these changes in order to maintain or improve your ranking in Google search results, let’s take a look at some of the finer details about this change.

Improve Your Website’s ‘Page Experience’ For Ranking Factors

The new algorithm change emphasizes a combined factor called “Page Experience” when determining how websites rank in search results.

The page experience is made up of several key components that include the major search factors we detailed before such as mobile usability and site security (HTTPS), as well as a closer look at a group. metrics called Core Web Vitals that include site loading speed, visual stability, and interactivity.

Main components of Core Web Vitals

Google gives preference to websites that provide visitors with a useful experience, and the page experience factor is designed to more effectively reflect the value a user perceives from a site. To help you better understand the page experience, let’s break down some of the main components that will have the biggest impact on how your website can rank high or low:

1. Charging time

Load time is the perceived time that elapses between a user entering a URL into their search bar and the time that major pieces of content become available for them to view with their browser.

2. Visual stability

Visual stability refers to how the design elements of a website maintain order. For example, when scrolling a web page, images and text should not move erratically.

3. Interactivity

Interactivity is the moment when a user first interacts with a page, i.e. by clicking on a link or button, until the moment when the browser actually begins to process a response to that interaction. . This paints a picture of their first impressions of the site based on how quickly it becomes functional for their use.

How can manufacturers prepare for Google’s change in “Page Experience” algorithm?

Companies should perform site audits to better understand the changes they may need to avoid ranking lower in search results for their key products and services. Here are some tips on what to look for to get started:

Site security Examine your site and make sure it is secure and served over HTTPS
Focus on improving page speed Review your site for opportunities to compress images and reduce code as much as possible, and remove any Flash elements that can help reduce load time and improve interactivity
Mobile friendly Check if your site is optimized for mobile search with a responsive website
Examine the user experience Make sure the content on your page is easily accessible. For example, is your site content blocked by a design element? Can the content be viewed on desktop and mobile?

Bonus Tip – Focus on Quality Content!

Even taking a close look at technical factors like the ones above, remember to focus on creating quality content that helps purchasing professionals and engineers understand how your products and services can help them accomplish their goals. work. When you create quality content that aims to help your prospects find new suppliers, you are giving Google’s algorithm a reason to rank you higher because it is designed to highlight the content that will help the most. these users.

Quality content can be used to establish yourself as a resource for your customers and help you gain a competitive advantage.

Effective content and SEO strategies for manufacturing companies can drive traffic, generate leads, and create opportunities for new business. Make sure your business embraces the digital space and makes search engine optimization a priority to reach new leads.

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Stay ahead of these changes and empower your business for success. Start thinking about how you are going to approach these factors on your website to stay ahead of the recent algorithm change today and be sure to contact our industrial marketing experts with all questions.

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