How to open multiple websites with a shortcut in Windows 11


Did you know that you can add website shortcuts to Windows 11 by right clicking on the desktop, selecting New > Shortcut, and entering a URL? However, you cannot configure shortcuts that open multiple websites with this method. Browsers also do not include the ability to create multiple desktop shortcuts for web pages.

To configure shortcuts that open multiple websites, you will need to create batch file scripts. This is an easy job for advanced batch users, but not ideal for those who have never scripted such files before. However, you can also configure batch file shortcuts to open web pages and files with AutoStarter X4 as shown below.

How to download and extract the AutoStarter X4 ZIP

AutoStarter X4 is a handy free program compatible with all Windows platforms dating back to XP or more. This application automatically generates batch file scripts to open website pages and files. All you need to do is select a few configuration options in the software and AutoStarter X4 will configure the batch file for you.

AutoStarter X4 allows you to configure batch file desktop shortcuts that open multiple web pages and files. It lets you create much more robust and technical shortcuts than you can create in Windows 11.

To configure batch file scripts with AutoStarterX4, you must first download the AutoStarter X4 ZIP archive and extract it as follows.

  1. Open AutoStarter X4 Softpedia Page within your browser.
  2. Click it Download now option to save the AutoStarter X4 ZIP archive in a folder.
  3. Select the AutoStarter X4 ZIP archive and click Extract all in the File Explorer command bar.
    The Extract All button in File Explorer
  4. Click on Browse to choose a folder to extract the AutoStarter X4 ZIP archive.
  5. Then click on the checkbox for the View completed ripped files option.
    The Extract Compressed window
  6. To select Extract to extract the archive.
  7. Click AutoStarter X4 in its extracted folder to open the window in the screenshot just below.
    The AutoStarterX4 window

How to set up a batch file that opens multiple websites

You can now configure a desktop shortcut to open multiple websites, which is pretty straightforward in AutoStarter X4. To show how this is done, we’ll set up a batch file desktop shortcut that opens both Google and Bing search engines in Microsoft Edge. This is how you can configure such a shortcut.

  1. Click it To start up button in AutoStarter X4.
    The Start button and the Web Page (s) option
  2. Then select the Web pages) in the menu to bring up the window below.
    The Add Web Pages window
  3. press the Browse button to select the path of Microsoft Edge. The default location for this software is C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Edge Application msedge.exe.
  4. Then type in the Enter the URL of your web page text zone. Note that all website URLs must include the https: // part and that different page addresses must be separated by a space.
  5. To select Okay in the Add Web Pages window.
  6. Now press the Create a batch button.
  7. press the Browse in the Save / Update Batch File window.
    The Save / Update Batch File window
  8. Select to save the file to the desktop.
  9. Type a title for the batch in the File name box.
  10. Then click on the To safeguard button.
  11. press the Save / Update button.
  12. You should now see your new batch file on the desktop. Clicking on this shortcut will open the Google and Bing search engine sites in Edge.

A batch file on the desktop

It wasn’t too complicated, was it? Now you can set up batch file shortcuts that open unlimited number of your favorite websites with this method.

Note that you will need to select the Save the project option if you ever want to reopen them in AutoStarter X4 for further editing. The software has an asx4 file format for its batch file projects.

To view the batch script, right-click the file shortcut on the desktop and select Show more options> Edit. A Notepad text document will open that includes the script. You can edit the script further from there.


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How to combine shortcuts to a website and a file

Why stop at setting up desktop shortcuts that open multiple websites? AutoStarter X4 also allows you to configure batch files that open multiple files. So, you set up a batch file that opens both website pages and files with this software.

To add a file for an AutoStarter batch file project to open, click the red To start up button. Select the Open the file with the program option to make the window appear in the screenshot directly below. Click it Browse buttons on this window to select both a file and a program to open it. Select Okay when you are done.

The Open file with program window

You can select as many files as you want for the shortcut to open. Select the Web pages) possibility of launching some websites for good measure. Then click on the Create a batch and select to save the file to the desktop.

How to assign keyboard shortcuts to batch file shortcuts

When you have added batch file shortcuts to the desktop, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to them. By doing so, you will be able to view the websites and the files they open by pressing their respective keyboard shortcuts. This is how you can assign keyboard shortcuts to batch files saved on the desktop.

  1. Right click on the batch file on the desktop and select Show more options.
  2. To select Send to > Office to create a shortcut file type for the batch file.
  3. Then you can delete the target batch file from the desktop by right clicking on it and selecting Show more options > Move to folder. Choose a folder to move it to and select it, click on the Move option.
    The Move Elements window
  4. Right click on the new desktop shortcut of the batch file to select Properties.
  5. Click inside the Shortcut key and press any key on the keyboard to configure a Ctrl + Alt keyboard shortcut. For example, pressing B will establish a Ctrl + Alt + B keyboard shortcut.
    The shortcut key box
  6. To select Apply to register the new keyboard shortcut.
  7. Then press the Okay button.
  8. Now you can press the batch file hotkey to open the websites and files.

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Create more flexible website shortcuts with AutoStarter X4

Windows 11’s built-in shortcut options aren’t very flexible, but that doesn’t really matter when you have AutoStarter X4. AutoStarter X4 is an incredibly handy tool for such a light program. With this software, you can set up much more versatile shortcuts to quickly open multiple websites and files whenever you need to.


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