JamLoop OTT and CTV Advertising Customer Experiences 145% increase in website traffic as measured by LeadsRx Attribution


Marketing analytics firm LeadsRx, an Unbounce company, has announced that its marketing attribution product LeadsRx Award™ has been selected to power the performance measurement of branded advertising served by JamLoop’s Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) demand-side advertising platform. Specifically, LeadsRx helps JamLoop analyze and measure website visits and conversion attribution across multiple screens on behalf of automotive, commercial and financial advertisers.

Streaming TV viewing has accelerated over the past two years, especially as the pandemic pushes consumers to seek quality on-demand entertainment, coupled with lower monthly fees and streaming commitments. more flexible packages than traditional cable TV. As a result, streaming television advertising – known as OTT or CTV advertising – has grown exponentially to provide brands with a way to engage OTT audiences with highly popular content. eMarketer predicts that overall CTV advertising in the U.S. will total $19.1 billion in 2022, up from just $2.64 billion in 2017. Marketers and advertisers are taking note of the importance of measuring effectiveness of their OTT and CTV ad spend.

“OTT and CTV advertising truly combines the best of traditional digital and linear TV advertising. It has the granular audience measurement and targeting capabilities of digital, combined with a widescreen TV, a casual viewing experience in brand-safe content. Now that advertisers recognize that OTT/CTV is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but rather a necessity to reach consumers who are cutting cable, they need to understand the impact on their broader marketing mix,” said said Leif Welch, founder and CEO of JamLoop. .

“While OTT/CTV is still primarily a branded vehicle, the storyline for advertisers will become more performance driven over time. marketing mix, especially as it enhances that mix,” Welch said. “As a starting point to provide more performance-based signals, we chose to partner with LeadsRx to provide these signals, both due to its integrated website and conversion attribution solution, as well as its broader ability to measure impact across other marketing mediums such as social media, e-commerce, offline commerce.

JamLoop clients have seen a steady increase in website traffic when running an OTT/CTV campaign alongside more traditional digital lead generation initiatives such as SEO and SEM. For example, a case study with a large national financial services advertiser generated a 145% increase in website traffic over a one-month period, attributed to the CTV campaign alone, as measured by onboarding. of LeadsRx in the JamLoop ad buying platform.

“JamLoop is at the forefront of innovation in delivering OTT and CTV advertising and using analytics to measure campaign performance, delivering a seamless customer experience for brands,” said AJ Brown, co- founder and CEO of LeadsRx. “By using LeadsRx Attribution, JamLoop is able to provide advertisers with the unbiased data needed to compare the ROAS of OTT and CTV ads against ads on other marketing channels.”

About LeadsRx

Guided by a philosophy of fairness, consumer privacy, and first-party data quality, LeadsRx provides SaaS software and services that have helped marketers at more than 5,000 global and local brands and agencies increase the acquisition efficiency, increase lifetime value and identify wasted advertising. spend. LeadsRx’s core technology is its unique Universal Pixel™ which has collected over 2 billion people for anonymous individuals – not personal identities, but the characteristics or demographic attributes that make up the type of customer or customers represented by their experience. digital across devices, browsers, and apps. LeadsRx is an Unbounce company. To learn more about how LeadsRx can help you with marketing transformation, visit LeadsRx.com. Connect with LeadsRx at Twitter, LinkedIn andFacebook.

About JamLoop

JamLoop is a buy-side platform for OTT and CTV advertising that helps brands reach streaming TV audiences by watching live shows, movies, and sports content. Our proprietary bidding and audience targeting technology gives us greater control and understanding of the buying process, enabling high-tech | highly tactile customer experience.

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