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Submitted by the Town of Lacey

Jhe Town of Lacey (Town) is pleased to announce the launch of new websites for the Town and its Parks, Culture and Recreation Department (Lacey Parks). The new websites provide users with an updated and improved experience with better access to city information.

New and improved website features include:

  • Updated look – The new sites offer a simple, clean look that captures the fun, exciting and friendly nature of Lacey. The sites are mobile-friendly, allowing users to browse from any device.
  • Improved search/navigation functions – Improved search bar and centrally located icons provide quick and easy access to services, documents, FAQs, and more!
  • Directory of municipal services – On the City’s website, you can find all the City’s services in one place. Services can be filtered, sorted and searched.
  • Language translation capabilities – In addition to English, the new sites provide seamless access to translations in five of the major languages ​​spoken in Lacey.
  • Accessibility Solutions and ADA Compliance – New sites allow users to increase contrast, display information in larger fonts, increase text spacing, make the page more dyslexia friendly,
    and more.
  • Alerts – Community members can sign up for all city newsletters and alerts in one place.
  • News article – The new sites improve communications. This and other features help community members find the information they need quickly and efficiently.
  • Solicitations – The City site provides a single location where community members can search and browse solicitations, such as Requests for Proposals, RFQs, Tenders, and more.
  • Quick and easy access – The new sites provide easy access to the most frequently visited pages (and associated pages) and services using icons, menus, selected content and pages.
  • Lacey 311 – The new sites have a centralized inquiry system, Lacey 311 (formerly “We Care”), which allows community members to ask questions, submit comments or concerns, and provide general feedback to the City via a simple online form. Users can include photos to help staff identify the issue.
  • Directory of documents and forms – Users can filter, sort and search documents on the website.
  • Staff and Board Directory – Users can view a staff directory and also find information about city council members.
  • And more! Looked.

“The Town of Lacey is committed to quality service and innovative government. These new websites are a clear demonstration of that commitment,” said Lacey Deputy Director Shannon Kelley-Fong. “The sites have been designed with the goal of providing easy and user-friendly access to information that community members are looking for, such as municipal services, policies, programs, news, events, meetings, etc. We are very excited about the increased accessibility, improved transparency and improved communication that these sites offer.

Over the next few weeks, the City will continue to make enhancements to the new websites to further improve services, increase transparency and improve accessibility.

To access the new City website, visit and the new Lacey Parks website, visit To learn more about Lacey 311 or to fill out a form, visit
If you have any questions or comments about the new websites, please contact Kelly Adams, Special Project Administrator, at [email protected] or (360) 412-2892.


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