National Medical Commission asks colleges to update their websites by March 31


NMC asks colleges to update their websites

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The National Medical Commission (NMC) has asked medical schools to update information on their websites by March 31. We are glad to see the website with updated information on some colleges. Some colleges still have not updated the information till date,” the NMC said in a notification.

The commission has asked colleges to update their websites before the deadline, and failure to comply will result in penalties.

Meanwhile, the NMC has enabled Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) who have returned to India from Ukraine, to complete their mandatory 12-month internship in India.

The NMC said, “Given the agony and stress faced by foreign medical graduates, their application to complete the remaining part of an internship in India is considered eligible. Accordingly, the same can be handled by the state medical boards provided that applicants must have obtained FMGE clearance before applying for the completion of an internship in India.”


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