Nigerian government launches e-learning websites for schools


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When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the world, as a precautionary measure, educational institutions around the world were forced to close. Later, when it was realized that the pandemic was here to stay and that the closure of educational institutions was disrupting student learning, schools switched to distance learning, including even the Nigerian educational institution. Nigeria has taken advantage of the pandemic to expand its digital education and successfully used platforms like WhatsApp to run online courses. Soon, virtual learning became a part of many students.

The pandemic presented an opportunity in Nigeria

Nigeria is working hard to improve its educational infrastructure. Even before the pandemic hit, Nigeria was working on EdoBEST to improve the public education system and the pandemic forced the government to permanently change the plan and the implementation process. Financial and technical assistance from Word Bank also made it possible to work rigorously on this initiative and digital learning improved. Not only are students attending virtual classes to further their learning, but they have also resorted to other creative means of learning. For example, many students prefer to play games like Scrabble word search and Word decryptor to improve their vocabulary. This is the reason why educational games and edtech businesses around the world are flourishing during this difficult time.

Teachers have started working with digital learning

Before students started to adapt to digital learning, it was crucial for Nigerian teachers to familiarize them with digital learning to perform at their best. Many teachers from different Nigerian institutes have managed to learn management techniques and familiarize them with the modern way of teaching, which has proved fruitful for the students. Additionally, teachers had to be creative in using the digital platform to create the same level of enthusiasm among students for learning.

Nigerian government launches e-learning websites

This month, the Nigerian government launched an education website,, to improve accessibility to learning for students. The website was inaugurated by Malam Adamu Adamu, Minister of Education of Nigeria. The website is powerful enough to handle the traffic of two million Nigerians at once. The decision to create this website was made due to the disruption caused by Covid-19 for two years. The website is created for both students and teachers and will be accessible to both. However, only registered teachers will have access to this website and the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria will assist the Ministry of Education in this regard.

The website is currently designed to meet the needs, in particular for primary and secondary education, and the website will additionally be accessible in rural areas and to communities that do not have Internet access. Currently the website has over 4000 basic level videos, 7000 high school video lessons and in addition to that it supports 4000 high school audio lessons.

The content available on the site is designed so that it can be disseminated in all media. For example, content is designed and made available also in media such as radio and television. The Nigerian government is also working with Galaxy Backbone to expand broadband by laying fibers across the country. The focus is currently on primary and secondary schools, as most universities have their own websites to support digital learning. However, a new link for the same will be created soon.

The website will support many local languages ​​and agencies have been tapped for the same with the aim of leveraging local languages. Many local content providers are also working with the government to make the project a successful one. Currently, the formats supported by the website are video lessons, audio lessons, and e-books. The various subjects supported on the website are Agricultural Sciences, Basic Sciences, Basic Technology, Civil Education, Cultural and Creative Arts, English, Home Economics, Computer Science and computer science, mathematics, physical and health education, safety education, social studies, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and written creation. The subjects available for the secondary level are much more extensive than this one, which is for the basic level. Currently, the website is home to over 15,000 resources and the courses available correspond to the program of the Nigerian Council for Educational Research and Development.

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