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The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) advises taxpayers to make online payments only through ADOR’s official payment website, For card payments, AZTaxes will redirect to Point and Pay, which is an authorized payment card service provider.

The Department has been made aware of third-party websites offering bill payment services to pay tax debts that result in the non-delivery and/or rejection of funds by ADOR. It may appear that the website is affiliated with ADOR, but the Department does not sanction or accept payments through third-party bill payment services outside of Point and Pay.

ADOR does not charge a fee for making e-check payments, but credit and debit card payments incur processing fees.

Instead, make sure your payment is made through, which accepts electronic payments for personal, business, withholding taxes, and transaction privileges.

For individual income payments:

  • Go to and select Make Individual/Small Business Income Payment under Quick Links.
  • Select the payment type that applies to the payment you wish to make and click “Continue”.
  • Select the filing status, then click “Continue”.
  • Enter taxpayer information and click “Continue.”
  • Select the payment method, electronic check or credit card, and enter the amount. If you select “credit card”, the system will redirect you to our credit card payment service provider, Point and Pay. This should not lead you to another payment service provider.
  • Enter payment information and click “Continue”.
  • A payment confirmation screen will appear when the payment is successfully submitted. Please keep a record of the confirmation number if you have any questions regarding payment confirmation.

As with individual income, transaction lien tax payments can be made offline through, by selecting Make Transaction Lien and Use Tax Payment under Quick Links. Businesses need to know their license number and postal zip code. Note: Only registered business users can make payment by electronic check.

For online payment tutorials, see our Taxpayer Education page.

If you receive suspicious phone calls or emails from someone claiming to represent ADOR or demanding payment, please call the general customer service phone number at (602) 255-3381. If you are redirected to another website to make a payment in addition to Point and Pay, please document the website address and screenshots and email them to This email address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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