Seven websites to help you make money from your hobbies


Do you HAVE a hidden talent that can make money?

TikTok star Francis Bourgeois, 21, made headlines when his passion for trains led him to sign up to star in adverts for fashion brands Gucci and North Face. If you want to turn your fun into funds, here are some ways to do it. . .


We explain how you can turn your pleasure into fundsCredit: Getty

DEVELOP YOUR OWN: Do you like spending time in the garden or vegetable patch? Get some cheap seeds or young plants from The Range (from 49p) and grow them this spring. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to start selling whatever you’re harvesting. Save the new seeds too, as you can resell them for a big profit. You can also turn your products into pasta sauces or preserves and sell them at a local market.

SPREAD POWER: Indoor plants are big business right now. If you have a Swiss cheese plant, you can grow another by placing a leaf stem in water for a few weeks before transferring it to a pot. Mature plants cost around £40, depending on their size, but a young propagated plant costs around £10 on auction sites. Check to make sure you cut the stems in the right place.

ODD JOBS: Know everything about computers? Maybe you like DIY or a bit of building kit furniture? Advertise your skills on or where you can charge per project or per hour. Furniture assembly can earn you around £10-15 an hour.

SHOP SMARTER: Be smart about charity shopping and travel to more remote areas to find cheap items you can resell for more money. Try the Depop and Vinted apps to sell the products you find.

OF COURSE YOU CAN: Is your hobby something others would benefit from knowing about? Why not make it a course you can teach? Even with something like birdwatching, there will always be someone who doesn’t know where to start who could benefit from what you can teach them. Set up your own website at for free (there are easy-to-follow guides), create social media channels for your hobby, and start asking friends and family to promote it.

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The business of the day

This pack is now just £8.50 at Asda


This pack is now just £8.50 at Asda

CLEANSE with a non-organic Fairy capsule pack, 51 washes. Usually £11, but up to £8.50 at Asda.

TO SAVE: £2.50

Cheap deal

Take a break and enjoy this bundle of KitKat for just £1


Take a break and enjoy this bundle of KitKat for just £1

TAKE a break at B&M, where a nine-pack of KitKat hazelnut bars is £1, down from £1.50.

TO SAVE: 50p

What’s up?

DINE with Deliveroo and you might find one of five ornamental fortune cookies loaded with a £1,000 credit hidden away in your order.

Place an order at any of the 25 selected Chinese restaurants before Monday.

New to delivery service? Get £10 off your first spend (minimum £15) with code FOODNOW10

Superior Exchange

Pick up a pair of beige toddler boots from Schuh, for £32, or head to Matalan where you can pick up a similar pair, on sale for £9.

Why spend £32 on these boots...


Why spend £32 on these boots…
...when you can get your hands on this pair for just £9


…when you can get your hands on this pair for just £9

TO SAVE: £23

Leah’s little helper

Stock up with The Co-op’s freezer deal – just £5 for five favourites, including two GoodFella pizzas, McCain wedges, Birds Eye nuggets and Oreo ice cream.

Buy and save

Save £35 on this air fryer


Save £35 on this air fryer

GIVE a fry. The Swan Carlton four-litre air fryer (RRP £79.99) is £44.99 at Home Bargains.

TO SAVE: £35

hot right now

Jump into February with sportswear from Items are up to half price when on sale.

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