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Having a faster load time improves the overall visitor experience by increasing lead generation and revenue.

— The Fast Web Team

KETCHUM, IDAHO, USA, Jan. 20, 2022 / — It has become overwhelmingly evident that the speed at which pages load is an important part of user experience, and page speed has recently become increasingly relevant in other areas – such as search engine optimization.

To solve the problem of slow loading times of corporate websites, the Fastweb team uses Gatsby to create websites powered by Jamstack, which makes sites fast by default.

The overall result of a site having a faster load time is that it improves the overall visitor experience by increasing lead generation and revenue.

The developer team also explained on their website that Google uses speed as a ranking criterion in Google Search, and sites powered by Gatsby help users rise to the top of search results for terms that matter. for them, which makes it ideal for landing pages.

Moreover, they claimed that when it comes to mobile websites, size and speed are crucial. So not only do they ensure that their user’s site is fast on desktop, but also on mobile.

The team also insisted on a strict no contracts, just results policy, they explained this policy on their website saying, “We are a small Jamstack and Gatsby web development team that does not do contracts. We rely on our results to be the only reason you need to work with us.

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