The radio generates significant traffic on the website of car dealerships


The radio generates significant traffic on the website of car dealerships

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As the United States continues to emerge from the pandemic, the Federal Reserve sees auto sales picking up. In January of this year, the seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) was 15 million vehicles, compared to a decline in the third and fourth quarters of 2021. Americans are spending, and now is the time for auto dealerships to advertise. Cumulus Media of this week | The Westwood One Audio Active Group blog examines marketing strategies supported by attribution information for car dealerships.

  • Marketing effects happen over a long period of time: According to a company called Gain Theory: 18% of current marketing investments have an impact this month, measured via attribution modeling; 24% of this month’s advertising impact occurs in months one and five; 58% of this month’s ad impact occurs in six months and beyond.
  • Creativity and reach are the two biggest drivers of sales: a major Nielsen sales effect study of 500 campaigns found that half of the sales effect is creative.
  • Nielsen analysis reveals that one in three ads on local television is political in the run-up to an election. This means dealers will be locked out of local video platforms such as local cable, broadcast TV, YouTube and connected TV.
  • Nielsen: Since 2018, TV reach is down to 72% and ratings are down -34%.
  • Cord-cutting is a major driver of the TV viewership slump: MRI Simmons’ How Americans Watch TV report finds that 46% of Americans have cut the cord.
  • Streaming is now “TV”: half of Americans say streaming has replaced traditional television. From 2018 to 2021, the number of video streamers who say “streaming has replaced traditional television” has increased from 37% to 49%.
  • AM/FM Radio Adds Extra Reach, Enhancing TV: According to the latest Nielsen Total Audience Report, AM/FM radio delivers live and delayed TV to all major demographics.
  • When it comes to ad-supported in-car audio, AM/FM radio is the “king of the road” with shares in the upper mid-80s across all buying demographics.
  • According to a LeadsRx analysis of 1.8 million AM/FM radio ads, AM/FM radio campaigns drive significant traffic to car dealership websites.

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