Top 5 Websites Where You Can Stream Sports for Free and Legally

  • Free sports Diffusion on the Internet is harder to find than movies and TV shows.
  • However, sites like ESPN, NBC Sports and Fox Sports make certain content available without a subscription.
  • Red Bull’s streaming site and app offers plenty of high-adrenaline sporting events, shows and movies for free.

Streaming apps are so ubiquitous that many people choose to cut cable service and rely entirely on video services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime for their entertainment needs.

There’s only one shortcoming to this plan: there isn’t much sport on most of these services. And while free sports streaming sites exist, some operate illegally and are quickly shut down for copyright infringement, making it difficult to watch sports online without a provider.

Although free sports streaming sites are harder to find than free movie sites, you still have a few options. Here are five places to stream sports for free, legally.

Red Bull

Red Bull offers a range of high adrenaline adventure games.david johnson

Red Bull is not just an energy drink. The company also operates a streaming video website (a mobile app is also available) that broadcasts branded, high-energy live sports content around the clock. There’s a live TV option so you can listen to everything that’s happening, as well as on-demand movies and shows. Live events are also scheduled and broadcast from around the world, such as the FIA ​​World Rallycross Championships or the Laax Open Snowboard Championships. You’ll find every high-adrenaline sport imaginable here, including running, skiing, surfing, mountain biking, rally sports, and more.

Fubo Sports Network

Top 5 Websites Where You Can Stream Sports for Free and Legally
Fubo Sports Network offers original sports programs for free 24/7.david johnson

FuboTV is a live TV streaming service that offers tons of channels at a relatively low price. But the Fubo Sports Network is a completely free subset of FuboTV – it gives you free 24/7 access to a single streaming channel that you can watch in any browser as well as the Roku channel. , Samsung TV Plus, and a handful of other platforms. . Programming includes the full gamut of sports coverage – from international football to boxing to drag racing and more.


Top 5 Websites Where You Can Stream Sports for Free and Legally
Most ESPN content is behind a paywall, but you can find free content here.david johnson

ESPN is ground zero for online sports, but unfortunately – for people who love free sports streaming – it requires a subscription to watch most of its content. While live events and most other coverage aren’t available without a provider (or an ESPN+ subscription), the site makes a variety of content available for free, including game clips and replays, news and interviews.

Fox Sports

Top 5 Websites Where You Can Stream Sports for Free and Legally
Fox Sports offers many shows at no extra cost if you have a cable subscription.david johnson

Fox Sports has one of the most comprehensive catalogs of sports programming, second only to ESPN. It offers regional and national tickets as well as college sports and more. In addition to the free clips of shows in the Watch tab of the site, Fox Sports will usually let you watch a free 60-minute preview of the first live event you watch when you visit the site, but after that you’ll need to log in. with your TV. provider credentials. This includes cable companies, satellite, YouTube TV, Hulu and others. Unfortunately, that means viewers without any sort of live TV access are left out.

NBC Sports

Top 5 Websites Where You Can Stream Sports for Free and Legally
In addition to what’s only available to subscribers, NBC Sports has plenty of free clips online.david johnson

Like Fox Sports, NBC Sports is probably a broadcaster you’ve turned to regularly while watching cable. It also has a strong online presence, and you can watch it in a browser or using the NBC Sports mobile app. Either way, there are tons of free clips, replays, news, and interviews that you can watch for free. Full sports broadcasts will require you to sign in with a cable, satellite, or live TV account to access them.


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